Personal Brand

Unveiling Aromas:

Essence of an Aromatherapist’s Journey


Yet, there's more to these frames than meets the eye. The essential oils cradled in Patricia's hands aren't just accessories; they encapsulate tranquility, vitality, and healing. Patricia's vision resonates – unveiling oils' versatility, a mirror to human resilience.

In every image, a story unfolds – unwinding amidst life's chaos, finding equilibrium in roles, and celebrating the tapestry she weaves. Patricia beckons us not just to look, but to feel – to be inspired by her journey of balance and to recognize the transformative strength of aromatic essence.

As we step into Patricia's world through the lens, let's not merely observe; let's immerse ourselves. These images are a celebration of life's hues and the potent embrace of aromatics. Beyond Patricia, it's an homage to those seeking harmony amid diverse roles.

In the heart of Düsseldorf, within the welcoming embrace of Studio 72c, a story unfolds. Meet Patricia: a nurturing mother to two little hearts, a dedicated businesswoman, a skillful homemaker, and a loving wife. Her life is a symphony of roles, each note resonating with authenticity and grace.

But Patricia's narrative doesn't end at her roles; it begins there. As an ardent aromatherapist, she stands as a beacon, illuminating the boundless potential of essential oils. Through a captivating personal brand photoshoot, Patricia's dream was not merely to capture her external visage, but to showcase the very essence of her being – a kaleidoscope of roles entwined harmoniously with the power of oils.

Studio 72c provides the backdrop – a canvas of clean lines and minimalist beauty. Amidst this pristine setting, Patricia blooms like a vibrant blossom, her attire a splash of colors that mirror her zest for life. The lens captures more than poses; it captures her spirit as she embodies her roles. A mother's tenderness, a businesswoman's determination, a homemaker's warmth, and a wife's affection – these facets meld seamlessly.

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