Lovely to have you here!

I'm Vivienne Kahl but please just call me Vivi.

I’m the creative force behind this business since 2018. I started my photography journey at a young age and it naturally grew into something I can proudly call my life’s passion.
What started as being a teenager borrowing my dad’s camera to take pictures of my friends turned into studying the craft while searching for my purpose after graduation. I didn’t realize it when I started, but that experience showed me how much this art means to me.

As a photographer, I started my own business focusing on couples and weddings. What I realized over the years was a natural pull to capture brands, interior design, product in a way that celebrates

their individuality and uniqueness

I love being able to showcase the personality of strong brands and business owners through photographs they can be proud to share.

My philosophy

It’s time to stop hiding behind insecurities. This is your chance to step into the light and let your light shine for the world to see! I want to help you share the incredible work you’ve dedicated your time and energy to in a way that truly grabs your audience. Creating a brand is about sharing who you are and what you stand for, and I would be thrilled to help you bring that to life in a raw, authentic way.

I sincerely enjoy bringing out the passion of those I work with for more intimate and engaging photographs. It’s my goal that each of my clients walks away from our sessions feeling more confident and excited about their soul business & products.

Whether you’re looking to land a dream client or want to share your work in a meaningful minimalistic way with your own customers, I would love to work with you to create something completely original. I believe your business is the body, but your brand is the soul.
Having images that communicate the heart of your business in a clear and impactful way is so important. Book a session with me and we’ll create content that will stand out from the crowd

in a way that’s true to who you are.

Things that i love

Days at the beach or the mountains, slow living, minimalism, city architecture,

simplicity in every form, lazy days with my loved ones, indian food, the singer tash sultana, yoga,

funny and not complicated people, women circles, wabi sabi design, good vegan/vegetarian food, sensitive and emotional people, watermelon + carrot + ginger juice, understanding for my fellow human beings, spiritually inclined topics, sit and linger in a nice cafe, do pottery,
travel and get to know new cultures, people who dance and don't care how they look but just enjoy the moment, spending time with myself, the way ocean glistens when the sun hits it,
raw cacao - cacao ceremony, cold days with tea & sauna

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