Hey, i'ts me!

My name is Vivienne Kahl, but you can call me Vivi.

I’m the creative force behind this business since 2018.
From the loving smiles and subtle looks, to the details you’ve poured your heart into; your wedding day deserves to be captured in a way that beautifully celebrates it all.

As a wedding photographer it is my mission to tell the story of your special day so that you can enjoy those memories for generations to come.

How i started photography

I started my photography journey at a young age and it naturally grew into something

I can proudly call my life’s passion.

What started as being a teenager borrowing my dad’s camera to take pictures of my friends turned into studying the craft while searching for my purpose after graduation.

I didn’t realize it when I started, but that experience showed me how much this art means to me.


Each couple I have the honor of working alongside is a unique gift for me.

I select those I work with carefully so that I can deliver the most individualized and personal experience possible. Yours is not just another wedding to me, but rather a beautiful moment in time that I take the time to freeze just for you. Booking as many weddings as possible is not what I am after. My modern, clean and simplistic style helps transport you back to this day each time you take a look at the photographs we create together.

If you’re searching for a photographer who is dedicated to being true to your one-of-a-kind style, while delivering professional images you can hold onto for a lifetime, feel free email me today.

I would be thrilled to help share your love story.


Days at the beach or the mountains, slow living, minimalism, city architecture, design Hotels,
lazy days with my loved ones, indian food, the singer dash sultana, yoga sessions, funny and not complicated people, women circles, wabi sabi design, good vegan/vegetarian food, sensitive and emotional people, watermelon + carrot + ginger juice, understanding for my fellow human beings, spiritually inclined topics, sit and linger in a nice cafe, do pottery,
travel and get to know new cultures, people who dance and don't care how they look but just enjoy the moment, spending time with myself, the way ocean glistens when the sun hits it,
raw cacao - cacao ceremony, cold days with a hot tea & sauna

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